We Run The SEO and Paid Digital Marketing and You Receive the New Customers

Local digital marketing has been our thing at Click Me Marketing since 2005. We provide results through sales conversions tools such as Lightning, SEO and social and digital marketing.

We build long term client relationships based on results and integrity. Digital Marketing with fair flat monthly fees with no long term contracts unless you want them. 

Search Engine Optimization has changed greatly over the last 10 years with a recent focus on "local" search. While leaving many companies web presence ineffective these changes have provided businesses "in the know" with some great opportunities. The Click Me Marketing team specializes in turning these local opportunities into real business and phone calls.

We stand out from the crowd with key abilities and products: - Our in house web-form to call system, 'Lightning' has you speaking to a client within seconds of them filling in a form on your website. - We build marketing funnels for you leaving you to concentrate on running your business. 


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Lead Generation Systems Producing Over 42,000 Calls Per Month

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To use cutting edge web design and online marketing systems to benefit all clients large and small

After after building traffic to a website comes lead conversion....

We provide clients with a "contact form to call-back system" we've called "Lightning," which puts new potential clients on the phone with your business within seconds of them submitting a contact form on your website. This system is not available on the open market and is a game changer in lead conversion for Click Me Marketing clients — big or small.

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Some remarkable events our digital marketing agency went through.


April, 2005

Two of our founding partners started separate businesses and began marketing online not realizing that the next years would be a long process of trial and error in generating client leads in two completely different competitive markets. 

2005 - 2011

A few years, and many hundreds of thousands of Pounds/ Euros later the founders lead generation campaigns had gradually changed from classical marketing and advertising (phone directory/ magazine/ newspaper/ radio/ TV....) to regional or country wide online marketing and then through to multiple local online campaigns which vastly outperformed the older strategies both in numbers of clients and just as importantly in cost per lead. 


2008 - 2014

Google and the other major search engines started changing to focus on local searches and mobile devices. Companies behind the times began to loose online business. Well informed small businesses with solid current investments online began to flourish. 



February, 2014

Click Me Marketing's founders started working with an innovative USA online lead generation group which together meant that online lead generation became hugely successful with groups sites bringing in over 40,000 client lean inquiries per week by the end of the first year. 


June, 2015

By joint venturing with the other half of our team in the USA we secured the rights to develop and market "Lightning" which turns any contact form on any website into an automated call between a business and its new leads. This completed our digital marketing and sales arsenal allowing us to provide for clients what we had spent so long developing for our selves. Our sales team could get to work, and you could read this.