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Reputation Management

Reputation Management strategies can be used to increase brand visibility and improve reputation while at the same time minimize any negative or unwanted media attention that can occur. 


Reputation Management is used to increase online presence and funnel new visitors to a website by improving business reputation as it appears when searched through internet search engines. Online Reputation Management is generally utilized in one of two ways; to boost positive brand and brand related keyword content search results OR to minimize the negative effects of negative media through dissipating it with further positive media, or both. 

We can manage the campaign that is required to manage your online reputation through a range of methods and services such as social media monitoring, online press releases, negative content removal, negative content dissipation and content promotion of social media. An in depth review of your target market or industry will allow us to identify and develop the best brand image for your company and to ensure that all media and content created is written for a discernible audience. 

  • In depth review of your industry and target brand or image.
  • Content written by copywriters experienced in your industry. 
  • Positive reinforcement of your brand and its website. 
  • Dissipation of any unwanted online media or attention. 
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Reputation Management reports will be produced before and after any campaign. These will log media, reviews and feed back related to your brand, product, service or company and will segment this into negative and positive. It is important to clearly track negative or unwanted comments or reviews which appear in search engine results as these may have a significant impact on online sales or brand credibility. Click Me Marketing can manage and operate the whole Reputation Management campaign. 

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Social Mentions

Negative Content Filtering

Negative Content Removal

Beginning with  in-depth evaluation of a brands current visibility and a clients objectives, each of our reputation management tools can be used individually or collectively subject to requirement. 

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