Client Approvals

Due to the nature of the lead generation side of our business we find that our client relationships usually go far past a normal web design / client basis. We often become long term partners with our clients, driving us to forever continue improving our services and working and growing hand in hand wit the businesses we help to grow. 

“We did the free consultation and market report with you. I decided to go ahead with 2 Digital Shop Fronts to get business from a wider area in Glasgow. Very happy with the results. The clients are a mixture of repair and install jobs and maybe 1 in 4 repairs turn into a boiler replacement or upgrade. Once the leads started coming in it more than doubled our work each month. Very happy and thinking about how we can handle another couple sites soon."
Hamid Halai
Gas Engineer
(Lightning call-back client) “The system is great. It works like a dream. Every contact form now turns into a phone call straight away and usually turns into booking a quotation. Before, when we just replied with an email we were lucky if any of the inquiries turned into business.”
Sarah Barret
Kitchen Designer
“We did one Digital Shop Front in the south Edinburgh...." "..... We get a lot of business from it. Its a mixed bag of small and big jobs but that works for us. One of the first jobs was a £30k kitchen re-modellling which was nice. But since then theres been a complete mix. Very happy to keep going with you guys. Its been a solid part of our business for the last couple years."
James Hammond
Building Contractor
“Very pleased with the leads. Every call generally turns into a quotation and they are all on my side of town. When we are on the job, up a tree or on the chainsaw its impossible to answer the phone so having someone take the call and pass us the details in a message means we can get back to book a quotation when we have our hands free. I know you had to pass some leads to other people because we were backed up for a month recently but that's a good problem to have I guess.” (Tree Surgeon, Glasgow)
John Milne
Tree Surgeon
“Our website wasn't bringing in much business at all. We got most work from referrals and gumtree ads. 1 year later its very different. Our own website is bringing us a good amount of work each month and the leads we get from your Arborist Direct website brings us about the same. Together its enough for us to have one climber working with us full time and the others we contract depending on how much work is on. Very happy to recommend you any other tree surgeons."
Linda Wainwright
Tree Surgeon Team
“We get most of our business from one of your sites..." (Digital Shop Front!) "We are fairly new in the business but my son has his gas ticket now to work with me and with the two other sites you are building for us I think we are going to be plenty busy. Absolutely no hesitation in recommending."  
Jim Wright
Plumber & Gas Engineer
“We are getting between 1 and 4 calls a day for quotations. Very happy with the way things are working. Love the sites! Thank you."
John McKenzie
Gas Boiler Engineer