Client Approvals

Due to the nature of the lead generation side of our business we find that our client relationships usually go far past a normal web design / client basis. We often become long term partners with our clients, driving us to forever continue improving our services and working and growing hand in hand wit the businesses we help to grow. 

“After the free consultation with Click Me Marketing we actually altered our entire global growth plans. The insight provided moved us away from a difficult SEO struggle in the highly competitive USA market and into 6 smaller but almost untouched middle eastern markets. This insight alone may have saved us many years of effort with the same bottom line result. We are extremely pleased to continue to work with the team and continue to see strong lead generation growth."
Hamid Saleem
“The contact form to instant call back system is great. I get the calls on my mobile meaning that this has transformed what we thought was a useless part of our website into one of our main lead generators.”
Sarah Barret
CEO & Founder
“After working with Click Me marketing for lead generation for the last year we have recently agreed to partner with them to cover a bigger area for our business."
James Hammond
“We have been very happy with the lead generation and SEO work but really love the website form to callback system. I think this alone has increased our closing rate by more than 30% for the internet based leads.”
John Milne
Sales Manager
“Our website was a few years old and wasn't made to work on phones. We started working with the guys just to make our website mobile responsive but then we found out about their lead generation partnerships ...... we are now more busy than we have ever been! Fully recommended!"
Linda Wainwright
General Manager
“I started work with Click-Me for lead generation in our cleaning business in Giffnock, Glasgow and we are now moving onto a second startup thanks to the partnership we have with Click-Me. Absolutely no hesitation in recommending."  
Jill Wright
Business Owner
“We are getting a consistent stream of new clients. Rather than just paying the bills we are now exited to be looking at how to grow. Love the hard work guys! Thank you."
Anna Jurjiga
Salon Owner
"My shop's online sales improved much from short months working with Click Me Marketing. Now selling online is better than in the shop in Lanzarote. We sell to people in more and more places around Spain and I am happy to keep working with this company."
Cristina Gonzalez Suarez