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Digital Shop Fronts

Something new for local business, tradespeople and contractors.


It used to be that a strong website could dominate business for a whole town. Not any more. Now Google treats businesses like pizza deliveries and mostly only shows you to people nearby. 


We build 'Digital Shop Fronts' in surrounding areas for you to get business from further afield. Digital Shop Fronts are other websites, social media pages and adverts for you to show up on. To build a website and then rank it at the top of google takes months of work and costs thousands or pounds. On top of that add the time and money needed to set up an ad campaign, then test and optimise it to get the cheapest leads from Google or Facebook. 

But, with Digital Shop Fronts, we build the sites and we get them ranked in Google. Then on top of that, if its needed, we setup, test and optimise any advertising campaigns.  Our time, our money and our risk. All we need is a good local business who is committed to taking more clients, growing their business and providing a great service. 


You just pay for the business you receive. You keep your own business website. But now you get calls from further across town without worrying about other websites or SEO or advertising. 


Book a free call with us to find out more. No strings attached. Just get your questions answered. 


We look forward to meeting you! 

We pick areas and businesses where we think we can help the most. 

We build out the websites and advertising under generic names like" or "" and if you want you can have your logo on the site. A bit like how the B&Q website is

We build advertising campaigns in Google and Facebook. 

The calls and contact form submissions then all get forwarded to you and you handle the clients just as you normally do. 

We don't charge upfront for a years advertising like yellow pages etc. We don't charge you for building a website that doesn't bring you business. 

We sink our own time and money into the Digital Shop Fronts so we are invested in making them work. We pick the best areas to target. You get the calls and inquiries. 


We supply leads to you exclusively

We only work exclusively with one local business of each type in a given place or area.  The clients you receive are not getting quotes from 5 other companies like Check a Trade etc. 

Monthly flat fees or % based commission

No long term tie ins and no annual fees. Pay monthly based on the business you receive. We base our business on the fact that happy clients will stick with us. 

Lead Generation Funnels

Our lead generation funnels draw local online business from as many sources as possible. Tens or hundreds of citations. Social networks. We build our own directories. We build networks of websites. We use online media publications. 

Lead Logs and Reports

We give you logs and reports of calls so that you can see exactly what you are getting. 

We handle everything starting with individually tailored content till end-to-end email campaign and programmer management.

Our case studies

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Let Click Me Marketing worry about the digital marketplace while you concentrate on doing what you do best and grow your business. 

Social Media Marketing

Dominate local business niches

A dedicated & skilled team

Tracking, logging and recording

Tell us about your business

Let us help your business connect with new local clients and see extraordinary growth. 

If we are not already covering your type of business we can look at your local online market with you, carry out our analysis and let you know how we can help you dominate your marketplace online. 


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