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A tale of warning…

This was an accountant´s business website built and strongly SEO optimised in 2 languages English and Spannish.

I should really blame myself for this for not keeping in touch with the client since his custom built SEO website was built by us in 2018…. But his site ranked so well for so long that he really didn´t need any extra help from us.

We built the site and got him ranking and his phone ringing with a great website SEO foundation and then 6 months of SEO work:


prolanz ranking 1

Lots of calls!

Fast Forward to April 2024 and our system showed something wierd…. a sudden drop off in google rankings:

prolanz ranking 2

The client had paid a different web developer for a new website (that looks terrible) and unfortunately it looks like they didn´t know anything about SEO!






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