"Lightning" Contact Form to Callback System

Increase your conversion rate and place yourself leagues infront of your competitors. 

We have just released the "Lightning" system as a stand alone product.

(Watch the Video Here) A simple, fast fix that is proven to increase conversions for ANY website with a contact form.

Click Me Marketing uses the "Lightning" system as standard in its lead generation websites because of the huge improvement it makes to lead conversion.

Not as intrusive as 'Click-to-chat' or 'Click-to-call' and no need for dedicated staff manning the phone or the computer. Anyone with a contact form on their website can use the system. 

How does it work?? When a client fills in the contact form on your website you, or a designated number at your business, will receive a phone call with a message telling you that someone just filled in your web-form. It will ask you to; "please press '1' to be connected." You press '1' on your phone and the system connects you straight away to the number the client left on the web-form. You catch the lead while they are still hot, still looking at your website and before they have had the chance to continue searching online and contact your competitors. 

"Lightning" Fast Lead Conversion

Normal businesses will respond by email within 4 to 48 hours. When you respond in 30 seconds you appear hugely efficient and knock your competitors out of the water. 

Don't Let Your Visitors Speak to Your Competitors

By speaking to a lead within 30 seconds it is far easier to convert them into a client before giving them the chance to look at other websites or contact any competitors. 

Calls Logged and Recorded for You

As a premium option you can recieve reports and logs of calls and all calls can be recorded so you can listen to them if you missed any details or need to confirm what was agreed. 

Simple and Easy to Setup

We set the system up according to the specifications you agree with us. The set up on your website is a simple 2 minute job which we can do for you if needed. No complicated API programming. You make the decision to improve your conversion rates and the system automatically does the rest for you.


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We can assess your website, traffic and response times and suggest the solution that will work best for you.